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At HCM Ware music college, we take your love of music, identify your unique musical talents, and train you in technique, theory, and performance, so we can help you turn your passion into a career.

If you’re aged 16-19 years old and know you want to make music full time, HCM music college is an exciting and innovative alternative to the traditional sixth form path.

You can book a personal tour at HCM Ware at any time by completing the form below. We’d love to meet you in person to discuss how HCM could work for you and your future music career. We understand that taking the next step to study a Music Diploma isn’t an easy one, so why not come and see for yourself what HCM Ware Music College is all about?

Our music diploma tours are very informal. You’ll have the opportunity to meet your future teachers and fellow students, chat about funding options, you can tour the campus and music studios, check out our professional industry-standard gear, watch some band performances and even see our music production students in action.

If you’re looking to study a full-time music diploma you don’t need to be currently studying GCSE music to join HCM Ware; you just need to play your instrument to a reasonable standard, or simply have a passion for making music for our Music Production course.

To book your place, you can either call us directly or fill out the interest form below; the team at HCM will then contact you just to check you have everything you need – We look forward to seeing you!

Book your personal tour today.

If you would like to book a personal tour or have any queries regarding HCM Ware Full Time Music Diploma Courses, please either phone us on 01920 460646 or complete the following form. When we receive the form we will contact you by email or phone to confirm your place.

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