Music Technology

Music Technology

HCM offer Music Technology lessons for any budding songwriters, producers, or those just wishing to start a new hobby! You don’t need to play an instrument to learn, (although it can help), and the lessons are entirely shaped to suit your needs, be it honing your technological skills or learning something new.

Lessons are based on Logic Pro software but skills can be transferred onto other programmes too. Whatever your genre of music, be it House, R’n’B, Rock or Hip-Hop, our Music Technology lessons will be able to help. Our lessons encompass a variety of Music Technology techniques from audio sampling and Midi editing, to manipulating processing effects, automation and much more. Lessons are taught in a one to one setting and so can focus on the areas that you are keen to develop.

Our Music Technology lessons take place in professional Mac labs in a friendly learning environment and provide you with the best setting for growing your skills within Music Technology.

We can also help students who are working towards GCSE or A level Music Technology.



Lesson Overview

One to one Music Technology lessons that can be catered for each individual whether you are an expert in music software or a complete beginner. If you are interested in developing your songwriting, recording, editing or sampling skills any of these topics can be covered.

Key Points

  • Lessons taught in professional Mac suite
  • Taught using industry standard Logic Software
  • Ideal for Songwriters and Producers
  • Topics such as songwriting, recording, sampling can be covered
  • One To One Lessons
  • Ideal for Ages 15 through to Adult
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If you would like to enquire about enrolling in music technology lessons, please contact us on 01920 460646 or by email to Alternatively you can contact us using the form shown.

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