Theory Lessons

HCM’s Theory lessons are aimed at anyone wanting to sit a theory exam or just simply improve their knowledge of Music Theory.

Grasping music theory topics is useful for all musicians, at all levels. It helps to provide practical knowledge on aspects such as note values, time signatures, key signatures, scales, intervals, chords and many other notions-all of which will always be useful in music performance.

At HCM, theory of music is taught in a comfortable one to one setting, at the equivalent of grades 1-5 and can be accessed at any level, entering the exam at any grade (1 through to 5).

Lessons are a mixture of teacher tuition, interactive learning and workbook learning, with practical examples applied to real life music, relevant to the learner’s instrument and standard.

Lessons generally follow the ABRSM syllabus, but can be adapted to the learner’s needs.

A first lesson can be arranged to assess the learner’s current standard and requirements.

Theory of Music, particularly at Grade 5, is often a requisite for progressing to further grades and for accessing music courses at degree level.


Lesson Overview

One to one lessons can be tailored to the learner’s needs and requirements.

In general, they will provide the necessary theory notions for completing workbooks and ultimately passing the written tests at any grade.

Key Points

  • Ideal for all ages-although ABRSM grades better suited to those 12 years of age upwards
  • A mixture of theoretical content, exercises and examples from existing songs and classical music
  • Lessons taught in a thorough way but sympathetic to the learner’s ability and learning style
  • Use of accessible workbooks (from very easy to grade 5 level)
  • Access to the accompanying theory books through the teacher (these do not have to be purchased)
  • Use of piano and any recording/playback equipment for examples
  • Learning plan duration tailored to suit learner
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